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ענבר אמיר - סטוריטלינג שמזיז לאנשים
ענבר אמיר

We all know the feeling. You’re in the car on the way home, or in elevator on the way out of the meeting. As the elevator drops, your stomach drops too.
“Why did I stutter?” “How could I have forgotten to say that?” “Why did I tell that story?”
Suddenly it’s crystal clear what you should have said, when in the moment the words were just out of reach.

Hi, my name is Inbar Amir, and I teach people how to talk to people.

It sounds easy enough, but we all know those magicians…
The ones that get every investor to invest, every manager to accept their offer, or every team to rally behind their cause.

I know what you think – “you’ve either got it or you don’t”

Yes, I used to think that too. They have that X-factor. Until I realized that that the power of storytelling is a skill that can be taught. Using tools that I have honed and developed, you
too can also have it. You can turn a message from a pile of boring information into a story that works.
Whether we’re talking about places filled with suits and ties, jeans and t-shirts, or simple scrubs, every arena benefits from storytelling.
I have helped world renowned researchers concisely explain what they’re working on at the world’s leading universities. From studies on the brains of zebrafish to cryptocurrencies to teenage anxieties. I’ve turned methods and discussions into compelling narratives.
I’ve prepped speakers for TED Talks and taught startups how to sell their visions, from solar roofs to oral hygiene.
I’ve helped managers hone their messages of change at large commercial companies looking to connect their employees to their customers or revamp their workflow. From HR to digitalization, I’ve brought stories to countless industries.

So, what’s the story you need to tell?

Workshops and Lectures

Together, we’ll learn how to get an audience to look up at you with a sparkle in their eye, instead of rolling their eyes. I’m all about practical tips. From the beginning of the workshop, you will already start to notice a difference in your skills.

One on one

Whether you need that “wow” pitch, that perfect lecture, or the winning interview, don’t do it alone. Together we can formulate the most precise and effective story.

Training for a conference

I work with lecturers until they cross the finish line. They will be engaging, articulate and ready. They might even surprise themselves.

Walk The Talk

Think I haven't quivered with fear in the past?  We all have. The longer I work in the business, the more evident it is that there is almost no one that doesn’t feel butterflies at the thought of public speaking. And those people who don’t, they might be missing something.

That adrenaline, that momentum, that fear, those are our secret weapons. Learn how to use them. 

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